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FAQ Section #1

How do i relight the pilot light on my boiler? Hugh - Darwen

Hi Hugh,

This all depends on the age of your boiler, if it is less than 8 years old it most likely has electronic ignition therfor does not have a pilot light and the fault will be something else.  If it is an older boiler then you are looking for one of the following:

 - Green square button - Must be pushed in and held to light the pilot

 - Grey round button - Must be pushed in and held to light the pilot

 - Blue or brown rotary dial - Must be turned to the spark position and pushed in and held to light the pilot

While you are pusing in either of these buttons, you need to repetedly press the ignition button also, this will be a small round black, red or while button somewhere close to your 1st button.  Look through the boiler sight glass at the pilot flame, once it is lit, keep holding the 1st button and stop pressing the 2nd button.  Ofter 15 seconds slowly releave the 1st button and your pilot light should be lit.

If it does not light or goes out once you release the 1st button then there will be a deeper problem with your boiler, possibly the a faulty thermocouple or gas valve, either way im affraid you will need to call out an engineer to replace it as these are gas sensitive parts. 

Let me know how you get on,


Thanks, Jason

My Basin tap is leaking, how do i tighten it? Gordon - Colne

Hi Gordon,

To repair a drip from your bathroom basin tap you will most likely need a special tool called a 'Basin Wrench' as the pottery is too tight to get a set of spanners or grips up there.  You can pick them up from a diy shop for around £10-£15.  Make sure you unscrew the nut on the tap fully, with the basin wrench, replace the red washer (1/2 inch tap conn washer) and then re-build carefully.

Any problems, just give us a call on 01204 238880 and if you can't do it we can call out and get it sorted for you.

Thanks for the enquiry,  Matt Jackson, Leverhome

My boiler has a flashing red light, i think it needs its water filling up, can you help? Sammy - Leigh

Hi Sammy,

By the sounds of it you have a combi boiler, what you need to do is look for 1st of all the boiler pressure guage, this will be a round guage with a black or red indicator.  If this gauge is showing anything below 1bar then you are right and the boiler needs re-pressurising.  To do this on 90% of combi's you need to find a flexible chrome pipe that is usually below your boiler.  This flexible pipe will have one or two valves on it (either black knobs, white taps or small slots that need turning with a screwdriver).  Once you have found this pipe, you need to temporarily open one or both valves if it has two until the boiler pressure gets to anywhere around 1.5bar.  Then make sure you turn the valves back to the position you found them.  If you over fill, don't worry too much, the boiler will over time deal with this and the pressure will come back down.

Once the pressure is correct, the best thing to do is to turn the boiler off at the mains, either by un-plugging it or turning its isolator switch off, wait 10 seconds then turn it back on again, this will usually reset your boiler and it will hopefully work again.  If your red light is still showing, look for a reset button or letter R on the boiler control panel, press this button and it should kick back into life.

But should you have further problems, we are happy to call out and have a look at it for you.

I Hope you sort it,


How can i stop my kitchen tap from dripping? Toby - St. helens

This should be quite an easy job, if you are handy around the house.  You need to take the tap head off, then use a spanner to remove the brass tap body.  Once you have done that you will see a black washer that will need replacing, most DIY shops will stock the washers.  If you struggle, just give us a call.   Thanks, Matt

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