Gas Safety Inspections

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Gas Safety Inspections

By law all rented properties in the UK must have a Gas Safety Inspection carried out every 12 months, and even if your property is not rented it is a good idea to get these simple checks carried out as part of your yearly service.

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As a minimum the following checks should be carried out as part of the gas safety inspection to ensure YOUR safety or the safety of YOUR TENANTS:

  • Check with the occupant to determine if they have had any problems or concerns with the gas appliances.
  • Check there are no gas leaks on the entire gas pipework installation, right from the gas meter.
  • We need to make sure each appliance is getting enough air to operate safely, too little air and CARBON MONOXIDE can occur.
  • Inspect gas installation pipework and any flexible connections.
  • Ensure all controls are working safely and correctly.
  • Check flues to each appliance are safe and intact, particularly important with new condensing boilers, a faulty flue can cause poisoning.
  • Ensure that the appliance is using the correct amount of gas at the correct pressure
  • Inspect the flame picture of any burners.
  • We will make sure your appliances are stable and not likely to come loose and hurt anyone.
  • Check each appliance where possible for carbon monoxide (CO)
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