New Boiler / System Upgrade

Fitting the best, ahead of the rest!

New Boiler / System Upgrade

We pride ourselves on the products we fit and the service we offer, and if it is time for a new boiler in your property there is no exception.  A poorly fitted boiler can lead to a much shorter operating life, and 15/20 years can quickly become 8/10 years, so going that extra mile during installation is key to a efficiant long lasting installation.

The choice of appliance will always be left to you the customer to decide, but we will give you an option of 2 or maybe 3 different solutions that will achieve the desired result, usually a quality budget appliance and a market leading appliance will be chosen for you to compare and make up your own mind.

book plumbing jobWe have experience in fitting all shapes and sizes of boilers, from big old cast iron boilers like your gran used to have, right up to modern wall hung boilers that fit in your kitchen cupboard.  When fitting a new boiler, it is important to make sure key points are understood:

  • All new boilers, unless in extreme circumstances must now be condensing, high efficiency boilers.
  • All new installations must be powerflushed in accordance with manufacturers installation instructions to maintain efficency and boiler warranties.
  • All systems must have thermostatic radiator valves and a room thermostat fitted.
  • All installations must be reported to Gas Safe who may visit at a later date to double check the work completed is up to the high standards expected.

Any installer who does not complete these tasks and basic checks is not fitting your boiler correctly and it could be cutting corners at your expense in years to come. Do it right, 1st time, every time! When we fit your new system we will not only ensure the points above are adhered to, but we will go above and beyond that, to provide you with the best job possible, we will:

  • Make sure your boiler controls are perfect for you, some people want modern digital controls, some people prefer simple old style mechanical controls, the choice is yours.
  • Make sure the boiler is fit for purpose.
  • Make sure that the condensate from your boiler will not freeze in winter conditions, this is a very serious problem for poorly fitted condensing boilers.
  • Give you a 6 year workmanship warranty on all gas safe notifiable installations.
  • Fit magnetic filters to each and every system, to remove any metallic debris that will build up over years and could damage your boiler.
  • Complete a full gas safety inspection on completion and issue a certificate (We can not be liable for any faults found with existing appliances)
  • Instruct your or your tenant fully on all boiler controls and easy operation, how ever many times you would like.
  • Offer a telephone advice service should you have any further questions or would like to speak to the installing engineer directly!

 Our prices to replace an aging Combi boiler start at £1050 + vat, so why not give us a call and see what we can do for you!!

Gas Safe Reg. No. 564740 Vat No. 980 1567 09