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Planned Maintenance

Planned maintenance is the best way to ensure the safe and trouble free operation of any gas or water service pipework or appliance.

Water leaks, boiler breakdowns, gas leaks and a great many other faults can be avoided or the chances of them happening greatly reduced by maintaining the appliances, pipework and services BEFORE it has chance to go faulty, things such as:

Regular boiler servicing, can identify and resolve problems before they happen
Draining down the water systems in an empty house during freezing conditions, can stop very costly freeze/thaw bursts
Servicing un-vented cylinders will keep your manufacturers warranty valid for its full 25 year term
Completing periodical electrical inspections of the cables, switches and sockets in your property will help reduce the risk of fire and electric shock
Annual portable appliance tests will make sure your small electrical appliances are not a hazard to health
Maintain your appliances efficiency and make additional savings in gas and electricity.

We can complete any planned maintenance you require to suit your timescales and availability, and we can even help you set up a rolling schedule to make sure your maintenance is kept right up to date, avoiding most of those nasty unexpected problems.

Just give us a call, or book a job on line now and speak to one of our engineers about when your next service / maintenance will be due.

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