Power Flushing

Keep your heating system efficient.

Power Flushing

Once not thought about very much, power flushes are now very much an important part of any installation and if not completed or poorly completed can cause serious system failures within a few years.

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Modern condensing boilers are very prone to blockages due to the very narrow pipes and fittings within the boiler, where as older boilers had very large pipes that would never become blocked.

Sludge and debris from an old system can very quickly damage a new boiler and void a warranty, it can also settle in any new radiators and cause them to loose heat output.

We can flush out almost any system that you may have, using upto date modern equipment, powerful chemical cleaners and hi-tech filters designed to remove all metalic debris on one pass.


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With prices as low as £250.00, and the piece of mind that your boiler warranty will be maintained, it's not a hard choice, click below and we can get you booked in at your convenience, or alternatively give us a quick call to speak to us direct. 

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