Book Your Landlords Gas Safety Inspection

Book Your Landlords Gas Safety Inspection

We have been asked letting agent or landlord to complete a Landlords Gas Safety Inspection (Gas Cert) at your property, We know that it can be an inconvenience to you so if you could let us know when you are home using the form below we can arrange to get one of our expert engineers to call at a time that suits you and caused the least disturbance to your day.

This is an essential inspection to confirm the condition of your gas burning appliances and make sure they are safe for you to use, we are legally obliged to carry out this check in your best interests.

Book your Gas Certificate

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* Please note that we reserve Saturdays and Sundays for emergency call outs only and can not pre-book you into these days, sorry for any inconvenience.

The check will include the following, and it would help us a lot if you could make sure that we can get to and be able to work on all your gas appliances and gas meter prior to us calling:

  • Check with you if you have had any problems with any of your gas appliances
  • Check the gas appliances have enough air to operate safely
  • Make sure the appliances are working correctly
  • Make sure that the flame in the appliance is correct and not burning white
  • Make sure the appliance is not near a combustible surface
  • Check the appliance is stable and is not going to fall over
  • Check the flue
  • Check the burner pressure at each appliance
  • Check there are no gas leaks in your property
  • Finally we will inform you of any remedial works that we need to return to complete

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